Our Services:

We provide, or assist with, many aspects of sustainable construction. Each project is individual and may use some or all of the following services provided by SBS and our team of professionals:

1. Real Estate — land search and acquisition

2. Financing — finding "sustainable-friendly" financing for land, construction & mortgage

3. Insurance — finding "sustainable-friendly" construction & homeowner's insurance

4. Architecture — concept through completion

5. Engineering — all structural requirements and municipal approval

6. Building Permits — plans, specifications and fees

7. Construction Scheduling — Start To Finish Timeline

8. Utility Hookups — well, septic, power, gas, and communication

9. Solar System Design — active and passive heating and cooling, water heating & electricity generation

10. Material Take-Off calculate all required materials, quantities & types

11. Specifications establish quality standards

12. Materials Selection — cost, environmental & toxic considerations

13. Materials Acquisition — materials on site as they are required

14. Labor Management qualified subcontracted skilled and unskilled labor, as required

15. Contract & Project Management — oversight of all critical decisions

16. Budget and Allowances — estimating and accounting throughout the project

17. Job Supervision — on-site oversight, as required

18. Tools & Equipment — all tools and equipment on site as required

19. Workshops educational program coordination as requested

20. Construction — we provide licensed contractor and subcontractors, skilled and unskilled labor, as requested.